Sarah Wells

Sarah has been in the business for close on 20 years and is one of Australia’s premier brokers, holding the highest possible status’ with the lenders she works with. Her diverse background spans commercial broking and business advisory roles, amounting to a unique skill set, broad general knowledge and an enviable network. As Sarah’s name is on the door, you should know a few things about her values and the way she does business:

  • Integrity is key. Sarah values long term relationships over short term gains and she firmly believes that it’s not a good deal unless everyone wins. She will always do the right thing by you.
  • Broad experience, medico niche. While Sarah’s range of expertise is broad, she’s spent some 10 years working with all manner of health professionals and has gained a deep understanding of their unique financial needs.
  • Solution focused. Where others see roadblocks, Sarah sees an obstacle course that simply needs more skilful navigation. Sarah is particularly adept at picking apart the most complex of problems, then rebuilding workable solutions from the ground up.
  • Added value. Sarahs’ unique skill set includes an understanding of tax and finance structures that goes well beyond industry standard. Sarah’s interest in the broader industry lead her to complete a Masters in Finance, and having also worked closely with accountants and wealth advisors, Sarah has a big picture perspective that creates well rounded and thorough financial solutions.
  • Your advocate. Sarah is committed to your outcome. While some brokers may walk away as soon as the ink dries on the dotted line, Sarah will see you through to completion and, should any hiccups occur, she will go in to bat for you.
  • Passion project. Sarah loves her job! Aside from the genuine thrill of creating solutions for difficult situations, Sarah really enjoys getting to know her clients. To date, all of Sarah’s business has come through referral, and 90% of her work is with repeat clients. Clearly, Sarah’s clients like her as much as she likes them!